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RULES (Please read before posting)

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RULES (Please read before posting) Empty RULES (Please read before posting)

Post  IA Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:31 am

Hello everyone and it´s nice to see you here!

In this topic there are some important rules what you should read and follow before posting any messages.
So go and take a look;

1: If you don´t have anything to say, then don´t say nothing! Remember also that your posts must be in English!

2: Too large pictures, signatures or avatars are not allowed! Remember also to use ONLY supposition color and font. Only moderators and band members can make an exception to the rules! (signature size allowed is 400 x 70 pixels)

3: Remember that this is forum by SO.! Not for anyone else. Do not spread personal information about the Band Members or you will get banned.

4: If you have questions about the band , look at first other topics! Answers can be already written before.



7: Remember that when you have register yourself on forum then it also means you have accepted our rules!

x Double posting
x Posts that do not pertain to the topic that you have posted in.
x One word posts also are considered spam and are not tolerated.
x Advertising on the board.


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