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Post  IA on Sun Jun 26, 2011 4:02 pm

IA wrote:
Sami J. wrote:yep,

Now when I lost my way here, here is some information:

Much fuss caused "new material" is almost ready on the straight line or even at the finish line, SO there´s something to wait for soon... and I can imagine some gigs on the horizon, from where you can get new (and old) songs on disc perhaps.... maybe..... sometimes Twisted Evil

No dates to give away right now so these ain´t worth to demand yet, yes information will be given....... in time.........

ok, have fun and stay safe!
Yours Truly,
Sami J.

supermonstar13 wrote:Does anyone know if they have some Record Label? I really wanna buy that...

IA wrote:
supermonstar13 wrote:Does anyone know if they have some Record Label? I really wanna buy that...

A little hint : Read Sami J:s text and you get your answer 😉

IA wrote:Renska told in finnish section a little about what is going on with SO, and I will try to resumé for you what he said:

Sometime in august-september the band have plan to get t-shirts for sale on official band site and at the same time a cd with 3 songs.
The songs on cd is going to be new releases of old SO songs, but made with a better sound and so on.
SO will also make new songs in autumn, but when these are going to released we will have to wait and see.

SO are also taking some new promo pictures right now.


supermonstar13 wrote:Shocked Very Happy


And, hm, yep, I got the hint Smile Very Happy XD

Warhead wrote:Stala gave me pretty mysterious anwser to this guestion..

"We'll see, We'll see"

Anyway. The situation is looking good!

Zayka wrote:Very Happy Great !

IA wrote:There is update on official SO site, so go take a look at it:


Mairara wrote:I want it, I want it, I want it!!!!

I need it sooooo much, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Very Happy Laughing


Anthalerero wrote:We all would love to hear new songs! :mrgreen:

Crazyzaz wrote:I like the plan of the new promo pic More wallpaper ^^

I like the plan of t-shirts

I LOVE the plan of new releases and I don't care if we must wait, 'cos the best thing are the thing for what you have must wait 😉

IA wrote:Info from bands FB:

Merchandise info: We should have the products available in this week! More info coming asap. You can also get it from the Friday's gigStala & So. @ On The Rocks, Helsinki


IA wrote:Some info found from bands FB:

We have started the recordings for the new EP which will be released in September 14th 2011. We are currently working with 5 songs that we have played in our shows over the years. These songs are really important to us so it is difficult to decide what will be our first single nominee from that EP. So we want you to help us on this! Take a stand and vote for the best song on this bunch. This is your chance so use it!!
The first single of the upcoming EP should be:
1: Back on the road
2: Hotblooded
3: Hey, what's goin' on?
4: Life's too hard

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