2010 gigs!

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2010  gigs! Empty 2010 gigs!

Post  IA on Sat Jun 25, 2011 5:54 pm

Zezuga wrote:This is from official website;

"Hi all,

Our Born To Rock-tour with Twelve Inches and Junction is now over. We want to thank everyone involved, especially our brothers in arms in both bands! Big thanks also to our loyal and devoted fans around Europe. Hope you had fun on these shows, we sure did! Stay tuned..

Year 2010 begins with at least one special show of SO.-duo. Stala and Sami J. will play acoustic show in Siilinpesä, Helsinki on January 9th. They will perform SO. originals and other rock classics, so don't miss that.

And finally, merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone! "


Crazyzaz wrote:Stala & SO. would like YOU to join to a party in November 26th at
Green Room, Helsinki. We thought it would be nice to have some fun in
the middle of all this ESC-hassle and therefore we will play a special
show for you guys! Come and check out the new songs from our upcoming
album and also new outfits and stage clothing from this fall's

Showtime is about midnite and entry is free. More information about Bar Bäkkäri/Green Room from www.bakkari.fi


Anthalerero wrote:Too bad i already have tickets for another concert, and my best friends birthday party is on the same day... :-( Hope there'll be some more gigs next year :-)

Crazyzaz wrote:Same here too close from some other gigs and also too many money put in other gigs for offer me it

But I hope have some picture

_eesti999_ wrote:Bar Bäkkäri setlist.

1st gig (at 9pm; for VIPs?):
1. Shout
2. Got to Believe
3. She
4. Bye Bye
5. Everyhting for money

2nd gig (at midnight):
1. Shout
2. Got to Believe
3. She
4. Bye Bye
5. Woman
6. Anytime
7. Fool For your Love
8. Spring Romance
9. Back on the Road
10. Down Again
11. Everything for money

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