Pate Vaughn - rhythm guitar, b.vocals

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Pate Vaughn - rhythm guitar, b.vocals Empty Pate Vaughn - rhythm guitar, b.vocals

Post  IA on Wed Jun 22, 2011 6:00 pm

Cami wrote:This is only for discussing Pate Vaughn and every questions that you have for him may be send right here... Hope that we get good discussing soon!


Crazyzaz wrote:And a second question

How do you join the band ?

By passing a audition or you know the band members before?

Joni Master wrote:Happy "juhannus"!

Pate Vaughn wrote:How did I join the band?

Yes, I knew the band members before but I also had to pass an extremely hard audition...and even that was not enough, I'm still hearing from our other guys I should play banjo Wink

Joni Master wrote:Wellcome back Pate! 😉

supermonstar13 wrote:Why banjo? :?

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