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Post  IA on Tue Jun 21, 2011 7:29 pm

Cami wrote:This is only for discussing Stala and every questions that you have for him may be send right here... Hope that we get good discussing soon!


Tallowtrimonium wrote:OK...

Hello, Stala. I have some questions - when and where (if at all) did you train your voice? And, is it difficult to sing and play guitar at the same time?

Love ya and keep on rockin'!!!

supermonstar13 wrote:Hi, Tallowtrimonium, I think I can answer your second question...
If you have trained a lot in the song you're playing and in the song you're singing, then it's not difficult at all. If you have trained very much, then it is possible to play the "It snows in hell" of lordi guitar solo and at the same time singing "Got to believe" of SO. I mean, you can sing and play completely different things at the same time without making any mistake. Very Happy


Zayka wrote:Hell-o !
Juste one question ... Can we have more pictures with Stala ? Very Happy

[quote="supermonstar13"]Now, now

It might be a little early, but..


Edited because this is members thred not for anything else and your link shows personal information about band members,
personal information is not allowed to share.
Take this as a warning next time this kind of information will get you banned !! And I strongly suggest you look up the rules and read them.

Zayka wrote:Happy Birthday :mrgreen:

*oops we are 25th ... I'm late *

MissMonster wrote:The best group of the world ? Twisted Evil
This is SO. !

Joni Master wrote:Happy "juhannus"!

IA wrote:"LisaLou says:"

LisaLou wrote:Hey Beautiful.....(and now you know who asking you this)
I have a question for you (because I actually don't know the answer)
Since SO has a "Ziggy Stardust" undertone I was wondering if you have actually ever met David Bowie? If you have; what did you think of him? If you have not; is that a meeting that you will make come to fruition?

Muah (Big Kiss) My ever Helpful Beautiful Friend....... Very Happy

Destiny wrote:Happy Birthday to you, Stala!

Such a cutie you are, and your black and blue knee socks kick ass! Wink

Anthalerero wrote:
Destiny wrote:
...and your black and blue knee socks kick ass! Wink

WORD! Cool

Happy B-Day Stala! See ya soon... 😉

King wrote:Happy Birthday Stala!

IA wrote:Happy Birthday have a great day Smile


IA wrote:Here is a little information for you all. On this forum there will be no talk of anything that has got to do with Stala leaving a certain band.
This is for the respect to all involved. There are other places where you can speak of that but not here. This is a SO forum only nothing else.
However those who won´t respect this will be banned, I will say this only once. Please read the rules before posting, thank you.


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Stala - lead vocals Empty Re: Stala - lead vocals

Post  IA on Tue Jun 21, 2011 7:32 pm

_eesti999_ wrote:When talking about Stala, I really love this picture everytime, I loves Stala's boots. He's got style.
Stala - lead vocals Stala

King wrote:Definitely! But if I could change one thing, it would probably be the skirt. Somehow it doesn't fit the other costume... :?

_eesti999_ wrote:Happy b-day to Stala! Smile

monsterboy wrote:Yup happy B-day Stala, Have a nice day with lot's of presents and fun.

Party tonight? Razz

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